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Copper Bonded Earth Rod

Nexus Metal & Alloys manufactures, exports and supplies copper bonded earth rods which offer installers that are the most sparing strategy for accomplishing a low earth resistance. Every pole has a high rigidity, low carbon steel center. 99.95% immaculate copper is connected electrolytically and structures a metallurgical bond between the steel center and the copper. This mix makes the bar perfect for profound driving while likewise gives enduring imperviousness to corrosion. The thread are shaped by a frosty moving procedure which guarantees quality and keeps up the molecularly fortified copper covering along the full length of the threads. Cold-rolled threads are more grounded than cut-strings. The standard copper thickness is 0.25mm.

Copper Bonded Earth Rods Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier

Nexus copper bond anodes are hearty enough to be driven through blocks, and can be introduced utilizing power instruments. Not at all like different brands, Nexus does not deliver sheathed bars due to our dedication to quality and our valuation for the requirements of our customers; all poles have immaculate copper electrolytically attached to a steel center.

Nexus uses the best materials to guarantee that when the two metals are molecularly fortified the product accomplishes a business sector driving particular. This dedication to quality, and our customers, is the reason Nexus is found in the most requesting undertakings.

Pointed Copper bonded Ground Rods

NCBR1004 3/8 : 9 9.50 1200 0.62
NCBR1604 5/8” : 16 14.2 1200 1.53
NCBR1605 5/8” : 16 14.2 1500 1.88
NCBR1606 5/8” : 16 14.2 1800 2.29
NCBR1608 5/8” : 16 14.2 2400 3.00
NCBR1610 5/8” : 16 14.2 3000 3.79
NCBR2004 3/4” : 20 17.2 1200 2.19
NCBR2005 3/4” : 20 17.2 1500 2.73
NCBR2006 3/4” : 20 17.2 1800 3.27
NCBR2008 3/4” : 20 17.2 2400 4.35
NCBR2010 3/4” : 20 17.2 3000 5.44

Sectional Copper Bonded Ground Rods

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Copper Bonded Earth Rods Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier
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